Hello everyone and welcome September!
Up for your consideration is Truman.
He is a cheeky little fellow who loves getting
into mischief.  Truman sits atop an old
gravestone holding a spooky skull. Truman,
his skull and gravestone are sculpted out of
paperclay. The handmade box, that Truman calls home, is in the shape of a coffin and is collaged with decorative Halloween papers and antique accounts receivable records,
which coincidently are to a Mr. Coffin!
Truman and his box sit atop a vintage candle holder with a pip berry wreath for accent. The box with wreath and candle holder measure 11" x 18 1/2" and is $95.00,
which includes travel fare.

Up next for you consideration is Hazel's Brew. Hazel is wickedly dropping a spider's egg sack into her evil cauldron. Hazel's hand, cauldron, and spider's egg sack are sculpted out of paper clay. The spider's egg sack is covered in cheese cloth  and holds the tiniest glass spiders. Hazel's hand made box is collaged with decorative Halloween paper and antique accounts receivable records and accented with pip berries and pumpkins. Hazel's Brew measures, with pip
berry accent, 10" × 14" and is $95.00, which includes travel fare.
Hazel's Brew has been spoken for. Thank you!

All solder used is lead free.
Glass is hand cut to fit each individual box.
Thank you for stopping by!
I love Halloween! So up for August is Gus. A pumpkin that has been sculpted out of paper clay and
put in a cone. The hand made box is collaged in antique German dictionary pages and accented with
polka dot paper and a black and orange hand painted design. The cone is covered in a primitive stripped paper with antique feel brads and fun black Halloween garland. Gus is sitting on a primitive
stand with a black picket fence and a black finial topped with an old salt shaker lid added for spooky fun. Gus's box has been soldered with lead free solder and stamped whilst the solder was still hot. Gus measures 11" x 17" and is $95.00 ( which includes travel fare).
I know Gus would love to come and live in your home! Thanks for stopping by!
Gus has been spoken for. Thank you!