Hello everyone and welcome to July!

The first offering is a hand made soldered box titled "God Bless America". The hand made box has been collaged with old recipes written on old grid paper. The heart is made from
hand dyed silk and has glass silver seed beads hand sewn around the edge and center. A laurel wreath has been hand painted around the heart. The box is topped off with a fun finial and sits atop a old coffee pot. This piece measures 7 1/2" x 13". Price is $65.00, includes shipping.

The second offering is "Liberty". The hand made soldered box has a silk velvet heart with silver seed beads hand sewn around the edge and is placed in a darling small frame. The box had been collaged with antique ledger paper form the late 1800s. Hand painted branches with leaves accent the frame and heart. The box sits atop a vintage doughnut cutter and is topped with a salt shaker lid finial.  Liberty measures 6 1/4" x 11". Price is $55.00, includes shipping. 


God Bless America and Liberty are covered with hand cut glass and soldered with lead free solder.

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